Newsletter from India dated 7/3/12

Dear sponsors and prayer partners,

We greet all of you in the name of Jesus our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We are so happy to brief you what the Lord has done in our campus.

The children in the children home are in good health and are nourished with good physical and spiritual food. In the children home we have fifty children at present. All the children are promoted to higher classes. Two girls have completed their higher secondary level and gone for higher studies. A few children left our children home and a few new children were added for this academic year. Please do pray for the new children’s health and for their adjustment to the new situation.

GraduatesWhen summer comes, the children get enthusiastic of their final exams and expect holidays and promotions to other classes. This year being the first time for our school to send students to write their final year of high school level and face the Public exams conducted by the government, there were mixed feelings of optimism and anxiety among the students and the teachers. There were tough competitions among the school to score 100% result. Praise the Lord that our school got the expected 100% result. Except three, all the others were able to achieve distinction. We give glory and honor to Jesus who helped our students to achieve this goal.

Drilling TruckAn unexpected problem of water scarcity was felt in the campus in the month of March. Our bore well went dry without enough water. The students suffered the most without enough water for their day to day needs. We praise God for the timely financial help received from USA to meet these emergency needs. We tried to deepen the existing bore well first but were unsuccessful. Then we went for a new bore well which was successful and we have enough water at present. For the last few years we didn’t get enough Rain. That’s the main reason. Please do pray for the needed rain.

We had a special student's retreat for all the age group of the school. There were three special guest speakers from Chennai to handle the sessions. The gospel was presented in new ways and means. The school children were able learn new songs and stories. The best part of the retreat was many outgoing students those in their final year of study in our school made confession of faith and made decisions to follow Jesus.

The educational department has ordered us to install underground electricity cables within the campus limit of the school replacing the existed top level Electricity lines for the safety of the children. Added to this there is acute shortage of electricity and our generator also needs replacement. So we are in the processes of replacing the underground cable and the old generator. Please pray for the financial needs. We started this academic year with joy. Many new admissions and new teachers have been appointed; still we need few more teachers. Please remember this also in your prayers. We are looking forward to having Rev.Kevin and his team soon. Thank you for upholding us in our needs with your prayers and financial assistance.