Newsletter from India dated 11/16/11

Dear Sponsors and friends,

Greetings from Alpha Children Ministry! This news letter comes to you with grate amount of gratitude. The Lord has been as faithful as ever in guiding and helping in all the aspects of our ministry. As we are eagerly waiting to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season, it’s our prayer that the good Lord would bless all of you who uphold us with your financial support and prayers.

ALPHA fills a vital link of Christian witnesses in rural India near Bagalur. Many parents and their children come in contact with the gospel and we pray that the Lord of the harvest will give the increase in his time.

It is well fitting central point of Alpha, in which to worship God and we have just celebrated its 10 years to his glory. The children and their parents gathered on the 20th of October for 2 sessions in the morning and the visiting speaker challenged them with God’s Word, then lunch was served in the dinning room for all. Afterward valued time was spent of parents and children. Balloons and flowers decorated the church. The children gave a well song item.

Each morning the children at 7:10 gather for devotions in church and Sunday service from 8:30 to 10:00 am. The first wedding of this year was held in the church, a lovely Christian service, on the 31st August.

The alpha children wore new outfits for the celebration. Samson, an ex-Alpha boy, capably cares for the boys. He is a trained pastor and fills many positions. Jeeva and Esther (also an ex-Alpha lady) look after the girls. The children are growing up as a responsible future generation. There was one broken arm this quarter – costly too. The children are enthusiastic in Bible Quiz and won a prize in District level.

The English medium 640 strong student body have after much study successfully completed their quarterly exams and deserved the long weekend off. Saturday school often happens in order to complete the syllabus etc. In the morning at 8:30 the 20 teachers gather for prayer and devotions. Some needful matters are also dealt with. Assembly follows with a talk, singing and prayer also happy birthday song for any birthday child who dresses attractively and not in school uniform.

Sports day went well on the 12th August and “faith house” won. Wednesday students wear colored shirts with faith, joy, peace, and hope on the back, being the house names. They are in with white skirts and trousers for the boys. Independence Day on the 15th was celebrated as was a teacher’s day later and the ladies received a rose each. A short term worker has given some English practice lessons and craft for 3 months. Contractors have work long hours making science benches and partitioning a long area for a science laboratory to operate soon.

4 buses depart each day about 7 am. Many things happen- flat tire, engine bothers, but sometimes a push does the trick. Each bus has a helper, which helps with so many active students. One smaller 25 seater bus has come up for inspection and much activity of cleaning and painting was done. Drivers, a prayer need, replacements etc. take time and double trips keeps the students waiting long periods. Drivers do a good job on narrow village roads with sharp bends and oncoming vehicles.

Power to one section has been tricky due to loose connection in the power box. The power for the water pump is causing problems, turning off. Actually it is required that the overhead power is to be put underground in the near future. The coconut palms provide good shade at lunch times for students. The coconuts are used for many things plus oil for hair. It is with grateful hearts to our Lord for enabling this all to come about His grace, His timing, His work.
As we look to God for His continued wisdom and help, we thank all of you for your prayers and support. Wish you a Christ centered Christmas and a Joyful New year 2012.

1) The completions of the school block II and the financial loan repayment.
2) Visit of USA friends under the leadership of our treasurer Joel Addink.

1) For the urgent financial need of around 14.000 Dollars for the upcoming school Laboratory.
2) Need for a new generator.
3) Word sown in parent’s hearts.
4) Wisdom for us in all situations that arise.